4th Day of the Snow Moon

My Facebook status update yesterday went like this “Umm…New year’s was like December 21st, wasn’t it?” You know, the winter solstice marking the longest night of the year. The longer days marking the start of a new year.

I got one reaction to it.

But as I’m trying to find deeper connection while I’m here, I find ancient timekeeping interesting. Imagine what it took for a member of a clan or tribe to be the one to let everyone else know that the new year has started because today is the day the sun is coming back. It’s going to spend more time in the sky. The rock (or stick) and it’s shadow are shortening. This means that soon we’ll be able to plant. The birds and their eggs will soon return.

My new year started on December 21st this time around. And yes, I have some goals that I set in motion because of it. Why not try? Maybe this time, because I’ve paid attention to the natural cycle, they will bear fruit.

– Casey Harn



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