5th Day of the Snow Moon

Here is another take on the name of this “first” moon, which I have dubbed Snow Moon. This is a few lines from Hal Borland, one of my favorite outdoor writers.

Indians called this the Wolf Moon, knowing well the time when fangs were eager and hunger drove the pack. Most of the wolves are gone, but the fangs remain, fangs of ice and cold, the great primal forces of Winter’s depth. The wind courses the valleys and harries the hills, and the long nights have sharpened it’s fangs. The ice lies deep…

…The Wolf Moon, they called it, listening to the howl of the pack in the Winter valleys. And the howl I hear tonight will be the wolf howl of the wind in those same valleys, the primal forces at work in the Winter world.”

– Hal Borland, This Hill, This Valley

The wolves are gone from here, also, though one was found two years ago just south of where I do the majority of my walking.